Dissertation Music

Music from a dissertation

A comprehensive, chapter-by-chapter compilation

I've constructed a complete set of links for the music I discuss in each of my dissertation chapters. This is for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the works but have the curiosity to know more about them. I made a concerted effort to include every work though some are simply unavailable online. Because of copyright enforcement some of these links may go dead but will likely be reposted by other users. Try your luck on youtube. Music listed in the order in which it appears in each chapter.

Chapter One - Genealogy

Goldberg Variations, No. 30 - Quodlibet

Glee - 'Halo/Walkin' on Sunshine' from SE01/E06 - "Vitamin D"

Glee - 'Confessions/It's my life' from SE01/E06 - "Vitamin D"

Hindemith, Trickaufnahmen from his Grammophonmusik

John Cage, Imaginary Landscape No. 1

John Cage, Imaginary Landscape No. 5

DJ tutorial on 'Beat Matching'

DJ Tutorial on 'Back Spinning'

Walter Ruttman - Wochende

Pierre Schaeffer's Solfège de l'objets sonore

Pierre Schaeffer - Étude aux chemin de fer

Delia Derbyshire - Theme song to Dr. Who (Original version)

James Tenney - "Collage No. 1 (Blue Suede)"

Buchanan & Goodman - "Flying Saucer"

Lennon & McCartney - "Revolution 9"

DJ Overdub "Five Step"

Chapter Two - Contrapuntal Radio - Harmony, Form, and Texture

All the segments here are from Gould. I will post all the documentary segments from YouTube and include a list of timings for you to find the excerpts

The Idea of North (1967)
Link to the MP3

The Latecomers (1969)
Link to the MP3

Stokowski: A portrait for radio (1971)
Link to MP3

Chapter Three - Mashups - Harmony, Form, and Texture

DJ Mighty Mike "The Complicated Scientist"
Link to MP3

King of Pants "Detox"
Link to MP3

DJ PartyBen - "Every Car You Chase"

DJ Earworm - "United States of Pop 2009 - Blame it on the Pop"

MadMixMustang - "Take it Easy on Me"

Danger Mouse - "Allure"

DJ Clive$ter - "Downtown Murder"

GirlTalk - "What it's all about"

Earworm - "No One Takes your Freedom"

Chapter Four - Navigating Contrapuntal Geographies

Thomas Tallis - "Spem in Alium"

Gould - The Idea of North - Prologue
See Chapter Two

Gould - The Idea of North - "Dining Car"
See Chapter Two

Gould - The Latecomers - "The Preacher"

Gould - The Latecomers - "Epilogue"
See Chapter Two

DJ Zebra - "With a little help from Soulwax"

Earworm "L'eau de Rose"

Chapter Five - Programme as Counterpoint (working title)

Gould - Idea of North - Final Scene, the soliloquy
See Chapter Two

DJ PartyBen - "Single Ladies of Mayberry"
Link to MP3

DJ Tripp - "Express this Way"

DJ G3rst - "Bloom to Me"

DJ TinyLightsBelow - "Psychosocial Baby"

Earmwork - "United State of Pop 2009"
See Chapter Three

2ManyDJs - "Smells Like Teen Booty"

DJ ShyBoy - "You Spin Me Upside Down"
Link to MP3