Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prepping for revision

After I topped off my draft with an intro and conclusion I thought I could jump right into revisions. I tried doing that and met a whole series of troubles. I've spent the last four days going through each chapter updating my list of Figures, Tables, and Appendices to make sure they're consistent with what's in the text.

Some figures I completed early on, though the early illustrations aren't consistent in style and format with later illustrations. In a few places, I need to elaborate my prose based on figures I've not drawn. So in my list of figures and tables I had to indicate which ones to draw first. Some of those figures are gonna take a LOT of figuring out how to draw; do I use Adobe Illustrator and wrestle with 'curves' or do I try to make up a lot of data points to approximate the curves in Microsoft Excel? (the latter won if only because I'm pressed for time).

After completing those lists I had to sort through all the footnotes in all the chapters to weed out the ones that say "Find quote from X's book, the one with the orange cover" or "X-author quote from ?" I wrote those footnotes because I had the quote at hand but didn't want to interrupt the writing flow. Ugh.

I only want to look after these little things because I want to go away for a week and bring only my laptop, a couple file folders of notes and outlines, and my dog-eared copy of the Turabian Style Guide. If I get these small things sorted away now I can leave behind the books. God, this stuff is tedious.

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