Saturday, April 7, 2012

Giddyup little PowerBook

I can't stay away from Montreal. After dipping my toe into the francophone waters of La Belle Ville, I'm hooked. My Toronto routine of breakfast-library-lunch-library-supper-library-sleep was getting a bit tired. As I noted in a couple previous posts, my productivity plummeted and I was burning out on the fatigue of churning out so many words everyday.

I needed a change. I spent a few days preparing for a visit to Montreal and have been here now for a week. I've been sleeping regularly, eating better, running more, and churning out words like a writer possessed.

As a result of my renewed energy, my current chapter ('harmony, form, & texture) expanded and is now too big for its britches. I'm spinning off Harmony as its own chapter. Even while I try to keep my prose concise and ideas to a minimum, I discover points that are predicated assumptions that the reader is already aware of 'x' concept. Defining my parameters is great and makes the chapter work so much better; however the additional material is going to make this the longest chapter in the dissertation and I've not even written up the harmonic analyses yet, just outlined the theory.

I'm quite happy with the progress and that in itself is enough to keep me going.

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