Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another chapter done, two more to go

Last Friday I finished my first draft of Chapter 2 (harmony) and last night (Monday) I made some revisions and sent it off to my supervisor. I know I should feel better about it and I would if I didn't have the other half to write. I splintered chapter 2 into two chapters; form and texture are on their own now (Chapter 2b for the time being), as harmony few too big.

I took today to relax, well at least actively avoid work. Free time has been a stranger for far too long and, in her presence, I became nervous and fidgety. Here I sit in a coffee shop writing draft blog entries and playing crossword puzzles. It's not really work but it satisfies some part of my brain that craves word play.

Tomorrow I start work on two other projects: The 'Gould as electronic composer' article and my essay for an anthology on 'Archives.' I'm really looking forward to that work, as it will be a welcome change from my usual work.

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