Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And back I go

In a little under 14 hours I'll be on a bus back to Toronto after my week and a half work visit to Montreal. I got a lot of writing done here but didn't finish the chapter as I'd hoped. Mind you, it also turned out to be a few thousand words longer than I expected and will also require a couple thousand words more. I don't think the chapter is long because I ramble (I've tried to keep that to a minimum), I think it's long because I need to cover a lot of material to justify this theory. 'Harmony' is a pretty heady topic that chews up entire books so I suppose at least one lengthy chapter is justifiable.

I can't say that I'm looking forward to returning to Toronto. Thoughts of my life there induce lethargy and a generalised malaise saturated by a deep grey fog--apropos since Toronto was inundated with a gloriously thick fog only weeks ago. This week I pondered why Montreal is so appealing for me and why the shine has come off the shiny apple of Toronto, the city I adopted as my Home in 2005. It's not a matter of greener grass on the other side of the provincial border. I'm not using Montreal as an escape from 'the real world' as it were; no matter the city I'm in I spend my days writing, I'm still unemployed, and I still rely on family and friends for housing. Maybe it's the widespread availability of om nom nom pastry here that draws me back, maybe it's the oh-so-sexy efficient metro system. I need to figure this out soon because I risk derailing my work and life balance (for what it is) being extremely unhappy in Toronto.

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