Thursday, March 8, 2012

Off I go

I'm currently on the 6:40am (Ugh!) train to Ottawa for the Living Stereo conference at Carlton University. Thanks to the wonder of on-train wifi I can blog, read news, and watch porn from the comfort of my wide seat with extra leg room and space to recline.

I've prepared for this conference for a month, started my outline last week, and wrote my paper in three days. I've rehearsed it at least half a dozen times, I've polished the text as many times for clarity and readability. It's now smooth with nice transitions and I don't stumble over any words. The powerpoint (I actually use Apple's Keynote app) is slick, informative, yet witty. Hopefully my paper is substantive enough that the Keynote doesn't look too flashy and, thus, make me look like a scholarly hack. I've practiced my vocal inflection and think I'm ready for Sunday morning. I also replenished my stack of business cards just in case.

I'm kind of nervous about this paper. A lot of Canadian music scholars take ownership of the "Glenn Gould brand" if only because his work encompasses a wide variety of disciplines in music scholarship. Thus far I've not encountered anyone working on his radio work as extensively (or tediously) as my stuff but I always encounter the occasional naysayer who has a bone to pick with Gould's production methodology. Also, this is the first conference airing of some of my dissertation material. I'm glad that I'll have a chance to get some feedback on it before my diss is finished but I'm also concerned that it will be dismissed quickly with little consideration for its actual merits... if there are any to begin with.

In any case, I'll be staying with a good friend who graduated from Western a few years ago. It will be good to reconnect with her and take in some of the sights again of our Nation's capital.

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