Sunday, March 4, 2012

In a world of my own

Lately I get distracted when spending time with friends. I get the vague impression that they're annoyed* but the thoughts are so compelling I must continue cogitating. Two years ago while completing an independent study with my second reader, he warned me that when it got time to writing the dissertation I'd be in a world of my own.

"People will ask you questions and you'll give them responses that seem totally unrelated and in total 'academic speak.' It's a solitary process because you spend so much time in your head and no one, not family, friends, or lovers, will know what's going on. It'll be the best time of your academic career so enjoy it while it lasts."

I was sure that I would not be susceptible to that syndrome, and yet...

*vague because I'm thinking of something else usually.

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