Sunday, March 4, 2012

A bit of a surprise

I forgot to mention this a couple weeks ago. About three weeks after the Imagining the North and Cold conference at UQÀM in Montreal in mid-January I received an email from the editor of a Quebec-based bilingual new music journal. One of the conference organizers mentioned my paper to him and, as they are preparing an all-Gould issue for this 80th birthday, he sent me an email to ask if I would like to submit anything to the journal for publication. I sent off my speaking notes for last January's Gould colloquium presentation and he seemed suitably pleased with it. I just have to make a few revisions (with material that I already have in my dissertation) and get it to them by May 20th.

I am super excited that someone outside of my immediate circle knows who I am and thinks enough of my work to want to read more. Is this what being a successful academic is about?

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