Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Countdown to last class...

There are only 48 hours until the end of my last class and office hours for the course. I'm really excited about the possibility of freeing up more time for writing, but kind of sad that I'll not have a class for which to prepare every week. I've really enjoyed having my own class where I can determine all the parameters and adjust the curriculum to suit the students (where warranted).

Unfortunately in that 48 hours I also have to mark 17 papers because I told my students I'd have everything, including presentation grades and comments, available to them at the last class. I don't regret telling them I'd have them ready (well, actually I do), but it would be nice to have the extra time.

The highlight of this week was having two students tell me that they really appreciate how quick I can turnaround their assignments with thorough and meaningful feedback. Shortly thereafter I returned their papers and their grades were, apparently, not what they expected. Their faces betrayed the regret of having articulated their appreciation for my comments and grading.

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