Friday, February 18, 2011

Look at me, I'm a grownup!

At the moment I'm on a train fast hurtling away from London toward Ottawa for my first official (read: funded) research trip. Of course, it may seem like such a small thing for most people, but, for me, it marks the beginning of a research agenda that means I'm on to something significant.

For the next week I will be plundering the Glenn Gould Archives at Library and Archives Canada. I am absolutely enthralled at how much material there is to sift through. I will need to remind myself often to restrict myself to just the most important materials. I can always go back later and find more stuff. I think most of the microfilm readers will now scan frames for storage on a jump drive, which is immensely cool (it also cuts down on the scads of heavy paper I'd have to lug back to London with me).

Will keep the blog updated on my week.

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