Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A moment of clarity

After Nancy and I met a few weeks ago to discuss the dissertation's structure I felt as if things were a bit up in the air. While reading on Sunday I had an epiphany, rushed to my laptop and drafted a workable structure:

Introductory section:
Chapter 1 (genealogy & tech survey)

Practical section
Chapter 2 - Form
Chapter 3 - Harmony

'Theoretical' section
Chapter 4 - Space/Spatialisation
Chapter 5 - Philosophy/Morality
Chapter 6 - Violence

Concluding bits

It's no surprise to met hat it was my Gould research that lead me to this structure since it is exactly how I'm approaching 'contrapuntal radio'. This is just extra grist for the mill when/if I ever try to convince my committee to reintegrate the Gould work.

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