Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another milestone: Proposal complete & submitted

I submitted my dissertation proposal today after surprisingly few revisions based on comments from friends and my supervisor. I met with Nancy yesterday to go over her comments and they were brilliant as always, though before and during our meeting my gut was twisted. Her recognition of my paranoia, fears of being a fraud, and many neuroses was encouraging; we have that in common.

In retrospect the proposal feels like it was cobbled together relatively quickly in the month after the last administrative entanglements with my undergrad TAship cohort. The ideas were circulating for quite sometime before I committed them to paper, and that is likely why it all came together so quickly. Now when I look at the bibliography (I read every entry on that list) the reason for the delay in writing this proposal is apparent. There's a lot of stuff there.

At this juncture it's worth noting that the proposal is finished and submitted by my self-imposed deadline of "early June," which officially means I am capable of self-motivation! This bodes well for the remainder of my programme.

Next stop, the area exam (proposal defence) on June 22, 11am.

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