Friday, May 21, 2010

Proposal draft complete!

Just a quick update. I've been rather busy since all the undergrads departed for the Summer working on my proposal. Yesterday I finished the first complete draft of my proposal. Before I sent it off to my supervisor, a former colleague very generously proofed it for me and offered some very constructive comments. I've become very good at reading critical comments on my work, mostly because I've had a lot of them this year. They always sting just a little bit, but I've learned to not take it personally.

The draft proposal was emailed last night at around 11pm, an hour ahead of my self-imposed deadline. Ceterus paribus I'm on track to finish the proposal by the end of the month, to give my committee members enough time to read before my area exam on June 21 or 28.

The progress is exciting, but induces no small amount of anxiety; as the dissertation creeps over the horizon, the magnitude of writing ahead of me weighs heavily on my mind. I know... baby steps.

I must wrap up, as I'm headed into the city for a weekend break while my supervisor reads.

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