Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grant proposal follow up

In January I wrote a rather heated diatribe about the SSHRC application process and why it sucks... mostly because my application wasn't forwarded to Ottawa. It was an incredible case of sour grapes. I'll readily admit that the grapes are still just as sour and have now fermented into a fine vinegar.

Today I received word that I didn't receive any OGS funding for 2010-2011. I really thought y application was strong: hardcore CanCon, writing style was fresh, currency of the topic was emphasized, and I had it proofed by half a dozen people before I sent it off. Still, nothing.

Since I cant apply again next year I will finish out the remainder of my degree with no external funding. I'm not sure if I should take this is as a sign about how my future research will be received, of if there will be brighter moments in the future. I'm disappointed even if I expected this outcome.

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