Wednesday, March 31, 2010

T-minus three hours to paper marking

On the heels of last night's post about awful exam scheduling (and proctoring of poorly scheduled exams), I'm on the cusp of collecting a stack of final papers for marking. I am only mildly placated by knowing that I TA'd the majority of these students last semester for the Intro to Musicology course and they know what to expect. One could say they're already broken-in; or maybe I broke them?

The essay consultations were not as bad as I expected, and students presented some interesting topics-- many of which I'm really looking forward to reading. That said, of 36 students, only 17 availed themselves of my overly generous meeting schedule. I'm not sure what to expect from the other 19 students, if they even submit a paper.

The good news is the marked papers are due back by April 9 so I will be rid of them soon so I can get back to my own work.

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