Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exam scheduling & proctoring 101

An open letter to the people who organise the final exam schedule:

While I can appreciate that you must be under incredible duress to create a schedule without conflict or, God forbid, have students write exams back to back, I am concerned for the morale and mental hygiene of the TAs and profs who have to proctor exams late in the exam period at 7pm on a Saturday evening.

The undergrad population has already made their beefs with this setup well known, but I'd like to acknowledge here that TAs and profs don't much care for it, either. I don't have a social life in which to indulge on a Saturday evening, but that doesn't mean I'd not like to sit at Starbucks and do some of my own work; dissertation proposals don't write themselves.

In future, for gosh sakes, won't someone think of the TAs and profs?

Yours truly, Antny

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