Saturday, March 6, 2010

Doing the circuit

Last week I presented at my first conference of the 2010 season. My paper for the "Western Research Forum" was only a congealment of a few ideas I'd like to develop for an article, and it was weak; I can own that. What was kind of disappointing is that only three of ten papers slated for the two Arts & Humanities panels were discipline appropriate (!) Two of the pure mathematics papers won the category awards. To be fair, those papers were genuinely impressive, or at least I think so. My grasp of math runs out at high school trigonometry and mid-level university business statistics.

The other paper that I'll be presenting at the remainder of the conferences, "Three 'Solitudes' and a DJ," is coming along well. It's a distillation of my dissertation research and presents the raw ideas with the bare minimum of connective tissue. I'm trying extra hard to say something good since I'll be hitting the job market soon. I've done the talking, and now I want to provide some substance.

In other news, my personal economic downturn has pressed me to withdraw from one of the large American conferences in my field. Flights to the locale and accommodations therein were priced to capitalize on a concurrent large-scale cultural event. There's no wailing or gnashing of teeth (anymore)–I know this is part of academic life. I still have several presentations remaining in which to convince my peers and betters that I've something worth reading.

No word lately from Sarita, but I understand that she is up past her neck in work. Upon reflection, maintaining a blog while busy with a dissertation seems antithetical and a productivity suck.

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