Friday, February 26, 2010

Brain food

When last I escaped to Toronto I spent an evening reading with a friend at one of the University libraries. It occurred to me after some time that I'd not eaten dinner. This often happens when I get in the comfortable work groove and I enjoy that feeling. Since it was late and we were both kinda peckish we ventured North to Vesta Lunch Diner at 474 Dupont St (@ Bathurst) based on a recommendation from a local friend in the know.

[caption id="attachment_39" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Greek Poutine: It's appallingly delicious."][/caption]

Vesta is that classic 1950s diner that doesn't put a hyperreal, nostalgic gloss on their curvy chrome finishes and tile flooring. No, it's about as gritty as it gets. This place drips authenticity like so much airborne grease. Their menu is simple, as there are really only five unique menu items and the rest, variations on a theme. My eyes glossed over the menu and came across a most fascinating beast: Greek Poutine (above). The hash-slinger behind the counter couldn't provide anymore detail than "it's good, I make for you." That's enough for me.

It looked kind of bland and unappealing, but the taste wasn't half bad. Crispy fries, salty gravy, saltier feta cheese, some tangy ketchup, and I washed it all down with a Diet Coke. I wanted to take a pic of the empty plate, but it was swiftly taken away and replaced with my cheque.

My family and non-academic friends flinch when I tell them I have meals at 1am, but were it not for irregular work/sleep/eating habits I'd never find these greasy gems to fuel the following few hours of brilliant work.

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Fetafre├čer said...

Mmm'mmmm, yeast infection surprise. Sho's gotta taste better with out the greasy, gritty Detroit outgassin's that pass for air.

Glad that everything seems to be goin' well up yonder.